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The Dime
March has been a poor month in terms of my goals. I've allowed myself to get listless and lazy - I've missed more days of writing than the previous two months combined. This week has partly been because of Salvador, our newest puppy. He hasn't prevented me from writing, but I've allowed him to be the reason I prevent myself. I carry around a lot of stress, trying to find the new routines. It will all settle in eventually.

This goal is very important to me. Overall, I have allowed so many of my creative endeavors to weaken and fade. But with the opportunity to be a father on the horizon, those skills and habits and worldview need to be reawakened. I want to have a household full of magic for my child(ren), and that will only come to pass if I set the foundation now.

So I've got to strive harder. Write something every day. No matter how big or small. No matter how editorially clumsy or elegant. No matter what time it is - there is no 'right' time. Sneak it in each morning, or push myself right before bed. Write, write, write. Make it an addiction, a need. Power myself with the story-telling and the world-building.

Do NOT become a boring adult.