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Snippet: Exemplar
Singing Agathe
As far back as he could remember, he had been lauded as an example of true Federation cooperation and integration. At first, he had enjoyed the attention and the praise. In later years, he bristled against it, because he knew that it was less about who he was and more about what he was. But finally he gave up embracing or fighting against the comments that always seemed to him to be out of place in an 'evolved' society.

So he simply made no comment when others marveled at his lineage. Half Orion (from his father's side), a quarter Betazoid and quarter Vulcan (both from his esteemed mother), he rarely thought of himself as anything other than Federation. And when others made a similar statement, "the blending of cultures in such a way as to make genetic home planets obsolete in modern discourse', he declined to argue via rich cultures that his parents both brought to his upbringing. He let other people tout the importance of what he was, so long as he could always just get back to work.

He did feel a kinship to Orions, Betazoids and Vulcans, because his parents had raised him with a celebration of each. But even more so was his affinity for the other so-called 'hybrids' among the citizens of the Federation. They could most often empathize with the strange space they inhabited within the flux of culture - both exemplar of the melting pot, and yet left adrift in their own unique identity within the pot.

He at least had his mother to lean on, as she came from two different gene planets herself. Not that his father wasn't a wonderful beacon of support, but his mother could sometimes be coaxed down from her insatiable optimism about life to relate about her struggles with isolation and skewed expectations. She was one of the foremost psycho-physicists in the entire galaxy, and that kind of success taught him early on that no matter how much he could sometimes feel like an outsider, he still had every opportunity to be something amazing.

He would just have to sit through a number of awkward introductions and uncomfortable attention to do that.