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The Dime
We have a new dog in the house. He's a 1 year old Cockapoo that we've named Salvador. He's very affectionate and curious, slightly bigger than Zipper. He's fine on a leash, is learning where bed and food are, and has the puppy desire to play.

I am so stressed.

I am a creature of habit and routine, and this shakes that up. I don't yet know what he wants or needs, how to react to a grumble or a whine. Zipper is not really a fan, despite the desire to have a second dog so that she is not lonely. I feel that attention given to Salvador is attention taken away from her, and vice versa, and so when it is just me and the two of them, I carry around a lot of stress. There are small fights, made up of grumbling and barking, bearing teeth and snipping. He's had four accidents in the house so far, despite an obvious history of being house-trained.

I don't regret the decision to adopt another dog at all. I just wish we could fast forward a couple weeks, to when we are all better in sync with each other, and I am not carrying around this pit in my stomach. I understand that habits and routines will have to change. That doesn't mean I do so easily, particularly when other routines like work have to go unchanged. And that is the part that I am pinning my hopes on when it comes times to adopt a child; that by severing ourselves from all routine for at least 3 weeks, I will be better able to adjust.

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In a flare of self-indulgence, I speak to you from the future. Salvador is fine, you are fine, and your child, your daughter, is fine. You have made your way through the stresses and the fears and a lovely family is the result. As I type now, both dogs are asleep in your bed, curled up with both Papa and Cyndel. You know yourself well enough to know what is temporary and the great things that await you on the other side of your anxiety.

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