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Staring Forward
We are seriously considering getting another dog. So seriously that the speed of it all is making my head spin and my stomach drop. I finally told my husband that I was comfortable with the idea (because let there be no confusion on who was the one holding us back). I still think about Buttons every day, and sometimes that is a momentary smile, sometimes that is a torrent of tears. But I know that he is gone, and having a new canine join our family is not replacing him, or 'too soon', or anything.

Still, all my paranoia rises to the surface. Will we be able to be the best household for the dog? How will we acclimate Zipper to a new, permanent friend? Will all my tricks of caring for two dogs still be applicable, or will I have to relearn everything, because the new dog will be nothing like Buttons was?

I take guardianship of another life VERY seriously. I'm scared I'm not up for this challenge. My husband moves brashly forward, and I am both envious of his confidence that we can take this on, and frustrated by his seeming lack of thought and preparation on the topic. Ultimately, I would wait longer, but I know that could end up being indefinite.

And we are trying to adopt a child as well, now. If we want to take on the joys and burdens of another pet in the house, now is the time to do it. So that we can all have our habits and our support systems in place for when another human being enters the picture.

I just don't want to fail anyone.
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