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Greyhound Riders
The Dime
Tomorrow! 2:45-4:15! A tour group will be making their way across Macalester campus on a visit to the college. They are on a cross-country trip together via tour bus, and Macalester is one of their final destinations before a long trip back home. At least one of the members of the tour would love to see current Mac students and hear about their experiences on campus. If you see this group, please feel free to interact with them.

Our mask improvisation class will be out and about tomorrow, in masks and full costume. Don't avoid us, you're free to interact! We're ready for it. Of course, we're prepared to interact with you, whether you initiate it our not!

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Sad! I can't be around!

I remember doing that two years ago... I was an 11 year old boy named Alex, and I still have the mask I made. I think it scares Josiah, or maybe that was just because of the way it hung on the wall in my room ::laugh::

Have an awesome time: I may just see you around. At any rate, best of luck, and most of fun to you. I remember how much of a blast I had doing that even today. ::smile:: It was also the time I realized that "hey, waitaminnit, guys have the BEST PANTS EVER!" And hence my quest for Man Pants, because Girl Pants suck (phbbbt on them! Except mebbe the low-slung type). YAY MAN PANTS!

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