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So comes the end of Winter
The Dime
The momentum is unstoppable now - the warm days are here, and the angle of the afternoon sunlight is delicious. Night falls well after I am home from work, and I do not retreat into a cave of apathy, buttressed by lethargy. The air is alight with potential. I can conquer it, bend it, mold it, and create, be it fantastical dreams or my mundane household.

I find I am more confident once I shake off the dull cocoon of winter. While there is daylight, there is strength, which is such an odd mantra for someone as enamored of sorrow as I. But you must remember how strongly I move with the seasons. As the Autumn fades, I sup on the darkness and the isolation. It has been a long Winter, and my internal cycle is ready for the next step of the clockwork wheel.

I imagine some sort of me that is seasonally divine, Celtic and Japanese, and that my seasonal transformations are more severe. My name changes with the solar clock, my skin, my hair, my eye color. Now I am blushing pale with soft brown hair down to my shoulders, pale green eyes and clean-shaven. I am Vernali.