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An Accordant Tale: The Lover's Departure
The Dime
Navo Tal, the greatest of lovers and most unfortunate of princes, dwelled in the Accordant Halls for many years after his mournful pilgrimage had led him to the Gate of Ivory and Lead. He remained true to his vows of silence and of chastity, despite the many suitors that both his looks and his charms garnered. Lessity knew the reasons that the paths had led him to Accordia, and thus Want and Ix knew as well. The oracles Mary and Sally were well acquainted with him as well, as was the March King and his raptor companion. He came to be beloved by many of the Otherkin, a true cornerstone of many revelries and intertwined in legends that seeped out into the human world.

As many departures from Accordia, Navo Tal's came without warning or apparent cause. Perhaps the right butterfly shook its wings, perhaps the wrong empire fell into ruin. Regardless, early one morning, he went before Ix and silently begged his leave. It is said that even Ix the Accordant, who is both Immanence and Eminence, sighed heavy to lose such a favored guest. But the demands of fate cannot be so frivolously swayed, and so Navo Tal made his way from the Crimson Salon to Ena's Perch saying his mute and heartfelt goodbyes. Mary and Sally both took to violent fits at the news -seperately, of course, and injuring the exact same number of servants. One begged him not to leave, the other emptily cursed his path, and neither one were among the crowd that saw him off from the Gate of the Theotokos.

Lessity was among that crowd. It is whispered that she shed a tear at one point, but true Accordant tales, there are many variations of that scene. Some tell that it fell as she kissed his forehead in blessing, others when she heard his voice as it sounded for the first time in years on the other side of the gate's threshold. A particularly dark version has her tear being caught before it hit the ground by a malefactor in the ranks of the Otherkin.


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