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Snippet: Herald Wind
The Dime
My people called it oin mgawa, the Herald Wind. They said that it foretold great tidings, both victories and defeats. Most of the stories of my childhood revolved around that wind, and whether a character heeded the wind or foolishly ignored it was one of the key factors in determining if this were a hero's legend or a fool's cautionary tale.

And yet of the 9 winds that my people heeded, this was the one that no one seemed able to describe. It was always commented on in hindsight. "Oh, I should have known that harsh breeze at my back was mgawa," they would say, the day after hearing that the men were returning early, or that the southern pass was flooded. Any time anyone claimed it was mgawa in advance, they seemed to be sorely disappointed.

It also seemed the rarest of the winds, even though we never had a shortage of good or bad news that would spread through the village like a grass fire. I remember when I was reaching adolescence thinking that perhaps mgawa was not a true wind, like sira, the summer wind, or Haocho, the guiding wind. Perhaps it was the wind of our words themselves, as we rushed to spread our news to our families and our neighbors. I proposed this once to the elder who was my teacher in the ways of the harranti, but she didn't confirm or deny, which was a habit I was convinced at the time was ignorance; I know better now.
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