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Professional Satisfaction
The Dime
I reflect now on my 365 days of employment as a Data Warehouse architect at Allina Health.

I took a huge risk accepting the position. It felt greatly out of my league. I don't have a BA in anything applicable to the position, I didn't have experience in that type of role. But I had drive, and a self-starter nature. I had technical intuition and a problem-solver's mentality. And thankfully, my soon-to-be-boss and soon-to-be-boss-after saw that in me and took a chance on me.

I've never looked back, or doubted myself.

Everyday, I am presented with puzzles, challenges, obstacles. And everyday I work to overcome them, not only with brute force, but with finesse, skill and the aim to automate. I'm breaking new ground for my team and my clients, and enjoying my own sense of accomplishment. My SQL skills have multiplied, I've found myself drawn into the inner workings of a database, and sometimes we managed to accomplish some pretty cool stuff.

My team has always been supportive, collaborative and amazing. I was a little wary of my initial boss - we seemed to be missing a deeper rapport. He was still hands above my boss at the previous job, though. Eventually, my boss left, and the team lead became my manager, and I couldn't respect her more unless she sprouted wings to save orphans from volcanoes.

The location was perfect back when I could still walk from the townhouse. Since we moved, the commute wears on me a little bit, and the parking situation is less than ideal. But it's still an amazing building to be in. Having the Global Market at my fingertips is a temptation of the lunch-kind, and yet has also been plenty helpful for last minute items or just general shopping.

I have my personal struggles - I am somewhat competitive, I place too much weight in titles and seniority, I want to be at the center of it all. Part of it comes from being millennial, I guess, and partially from my history of being the best in a crowd. Here, I am pretty much the low man on the totem pole, scrambling to climb higher. To achieve what end? I don't know.