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Snippet: Burned Mark
The Dime
"What the hell happened?" Sezan snarled, daring to step out from around the corner long enough to send a spray of bullets down the hallway.  She prayed that one of them hit its mark, at least to slow down the oncoming forces.

Hanz didn't respond, dazed as he was sitting up against the wall, Cho Wei applying a field tourniquet to his bloodied stump of an arm.  When no response came, Cho Wei cinched up his knot brutally and grabbed Hanz's face roughly, forcing the injured face to look him in the eyes.  Slowly, Hanz worked his jaw and regained some of his wits.

"Shit, they caught us by surprise," he said, fumbling about for his gun.  Whatever it was that had gotten the jump on him and Alline had taken his right hand, and he was only decent with his left arm in the best of times.  Still, he managed to gain a solid grip, load the chamber, and push Cho Wei off as he stood up with a great struggle.

"Is Tek okay?" came Lepsim's insistent voice over the com in Sezan's ear.  It was the third time he had asked the question, the fury and fear in his voice growing each time.  Eventually, she would have to calm him; otherwise, he was likely to come racing in himself and leave the bus, their means of retreat, wide open.

"We're trying to find out," she snarled through clenched teeth, unleashing another round down the hallway at what she only guessed were the targets.  "Stay put."

"Was it a setup?" Cho Wei asked Hanz, returning to his vigil in the other direction, lest they be taken by surprise again.  "I knew there was something off about the contract.  Didn't think they would sell us out, though."

Haz lurched across the floor to stand against the wall next to Sezan, ready to add to her firepower the next time they blasted the hallway.  "No, they just left out the fact that they called us in to clear our a wampyr nest."  Something moved out in the darkness, and before Sezan could turn, he had left out from the cover and fired blindly into the dark.  She grabbed his shoulder and hauled him back around the corner.

"A god damn lair?" Cho Wei spat out, while Sezan swore bitterly and Lepsim exploded to life over the com again.

"Where is Tek?  Is he okay?"

The unmistakable sound of charging now thundered down the hallway towards them.  Hanz looked ready to leap out in front of them again, while Lepsim continued to yell over the com and Cho Wei motioned that they needed to move.  Sezan shoved Hanz towards the path of retreat, turned off her com, and took out a frag grenade, one of the special ones that she ordered custom from her favorite arms dealer.  A quick flick, a slap against her knee, and it began to light up and whirl.  Cho Wei's eyes asked her if she was sure.  She nodded, and tossed the grenade around the corner, immediately turning back and running for her damn life, with Cho Wei and Hanz in tow.

Five seconds later, there was an eruption of cold, bluish white light and a painfully heavy thud in their eyes.  They were far enough away that it made them stumble to their knees, but they were up again and running within seconds.  She hoped that it was packed with enough nasty to slow down even a wampyr long enough for them to find Tek, Nasha and Alline, and get the hell out of the place.