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Snippet: Liar's home
The Rage
She told me that the story didn't go that way.  She told me that I was spreading a gospel of lies and misinformation, and that he hadn't been like that at all.  I asked her if she would rather we follow a man or a Messiah.

"I would rather you follow the truth," she said, with embarrassingly earnest vehemence.  Once upon a time, I would have laughed, a normal gesture to show that I found her view foolish.  But the time for such appearances were long gone.  I informed her that no matter how quaint the concept of truth might be, it held no ground in the new gospel we were writing.  Whatever may have happened, what we said happened held more power, more glory and more veracity.

She continued to argue with me, and after a time, I simple stopped responding.  She began to grow violent, which was counter-productive to the cause, and so I slipped a knife between her ribs.  Better a messiah than a man, and better a martyr than a malefactor in our ranks.
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