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On collapsing resolutions
The Dime
I broke a number of my new year's resolutions in the last week.  Most notably, I missed writing on Monday and Tuesday.

Monday I can blame on the snow, and the leak in the house, and the panic attack that resulted from it all.  Tuesday... just wasn't right.  And I'm fairly close to self-diagnosing with seasonal depression or Vitamin D deficiency or something.  There is a slant of light that sends my heart into tears.  Sometimes I have such anxiety bundled in my stomach that it hurts.  Something always hurts.

That hasn't stopped me from writing thus far, though.  I've kept it up, and it has been amazing, and to break the pattern now, so close to full two months... it's disheartening.  But just because a streak is broken doesn't mean the habit is gone, doesn't mean that I go back to never writing, only dreaming.  It's a gap that I have to make up for.  I have to remain MORE dedicated to my goals, because it is so easy to slip.