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Monster, Oracle, Hero and Ghost
Found my working journal for this play.  There's a lot more captured than I initially remembered.  I scripted a few scenes, I made a skeleton for both acts, I had thoughtful discussions with myself in regards to the meaning and the blocking and even the style of the script.  It re-ignited my passion for this story.  I could actually complete this work.

I struggled at first as to whether 'script' was still the right medium for this story.  I have been honing my skills as a writer of fiction and prose, both contained to the 'written' word.  But I haven't written a play in a very, very long time.  Perhaps I could do more justice if I were to flex the muscles I have been keeping somewhat toned.  There is so much nuance and interplay of elements in this work, I can't do it half-assed.

However, as I continued to read my notes, I see why a play felt right.  There is so much about the story that is presented, not represented.  I want to explore the 'aspects of Athena' part of the story through stage notes that call out they should all be the same actress, not by trying to manipulate the reader into seeing it, but not saying it.  Sometimes using real bodies in space actually allows a subtly that the page does not.

So I think I shall continue to delve into this story and try to bring a play back to life, or into life for the first time.   I will have to whittle away some of my post-college conceits, and details may have to shift as I explore.  And maybe in the end, I will return to short-allegorical-story as the better medium.  But for now, I am so grateful to have rediscovered this tale, and all the thought that I lovingly poured into it.