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And here's another one
The Dime
We played Exquisite Corpse. Everyone starts with a piece of paper, and writes a single sentence. Fold the paper so your sentence is covered, and pass it on. Go around the circle, and you get some absurdist writings. The next challenge? Revise it to make sense. Ready, set, write.


“There’s nothing unusual about this rain,” he said, trying again to charm her out from the archway. His hair was plastered to his temples, and his fine clothes hugged his body. The rain continued, steady and full, breaking through even the thick cover of green summer leaves. “It all comes from the oceans and the seas. It’s liquid diamonds. Dip your hand in or catch these drops on your tongue. It’s always liquid diamonds.” He grinned and tilted his head back, mouth opened wide.

She was tempted to run into the rain with him, just as he called on her to do. The wet breeze already seemed a blessing compared to the stifled air of inside, which tasted of stale tears. There would be such a sense of abandon, letting the rain ruin her make-up and stain her austere dress. She wanted to laugh in the rain. But she couldn’t. She had to be the strong one, the decent one, the one who gripped the tea cup tightly, and pursed her lips so that no word would escape as she accepted the condolences.

Another raucous eruption from inside, and she was reminded that the temptation of the rain wasn’t simply because this man was beautiful when wet, or that she could almost feel the diamonds gathering on her skin. There was also Richard, deep inside the house, wearing his bright red suit and drunkenly babbling about revolutions and ideals he only read about in books. She should have known it would be trouble when he wore red to the funeral, and headed straight for the bar afterwards.

“You know,” the man continued. “The world is really just a huge ocean with pieces of land rising up here and there. The world is an ocean of diamonds and we’re here, crowding together on tiny islands.” He shared these words with the clouds as well, cupping his hands to gather some of the rain. She knew for certain now that this man, whose name she couldn’t remember, wasn’t drunk, but mourning in some strange, amazing way. “It’s as if we’re afraid of the ocean.”

Tentatively, she reach her hand out beyond the archway, feeling the cool drops wet her skin. The rain seemed playful, yet in a way that didn’t make light of the wake going on inside.

That was the final reason she didn’t want to go back inside. The wake. Gloria’s wake, happening as she stood there, inside Gloria’s home, inside Gloria’s parlor, with Gloria’s old clocks letting them know how much longer they had to mourn. Suddenly she resented everyone inside, who at 6 o’ clock, would gather their coats and umbrellas and depart, leaving their sorrow for her to release. She would have to continue going through Gloria’s things, somehow biting her lips to keep from crying, because if she started, she wouldn’t stop.

There were still bits of synthetic doll hair everywhere in Gloria’s room. A small, but delicate and dedicated collection of dolls that Gloria had broken on her final day. She was still trying to clean it all away, but it went like gleaning pieces of glass from the sand. Just yesterday, still biting her lips and swallowing her pain, she had caught her reflection in a mirror, and shivered. She was frightened by what Gloria’s death required her to become. But someone had to be strong, and Richard was too drunk and dressed in red.

"I miss her,” the man suddenly said, paused in his rain dancing to watch her. She slowly raised her eyes to meet his. He said it without pity, without sympathy. He said it without asking her to do a thing about it. It was as clear and pure as raining diamonds, like an outstretched hand.

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You know, I believe Exquisite Corpse is a song in Hedwig, if you've ever heard of that. That writing turned out quite nicely, if it was written by a number of people :) Usually the stuff I've seen ends up random and weird.

I've seen the movie version of Hedwig, but I can't place 'exquisite corpse' in there... maybe from the play itself?

This is the revised my me version. The actual text I was given was very different. Although, my text worked better than other people's. Somehow, people wrote three different references to water, so a theme came out of it.

Quick other question-- what's the icon of? It looks pretty cool., borrowed from

I searched for water, light and green and found it. It's pretty!

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