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Snippet: Cinder and Snow
Singing Agathe
Listen up, people. We've got two new faces for the board. They should be familiar to several of you - we've been chasing them across the globe for years - but now that we've linked them to the incident at the Prince's ball, we're moving them up the list of Most Wanted.

First up, goes by the name of Cinder. Grew up poor, taken in under the wing of the Fairy Godfather and trained to be an elite thief. Their MO has been impersonating the wealthy and the elite, getting into parties, and then out with the goods. When the Godfather went MIA three years ago, Cinder's repertoire expanded to include assassination and other terrorist activities, all to the highest bidder. We've got intel that she was at the Prince's ball herself, and left a slipper on the main stair case. In that slipper was the explosive device that went off at midnight. We are still trying to figure out who her client was.

Then there's Snow. Unlike Cinder, she's from the right side of the tracks. Unfortunately, mommy and daddy's money wasn't enough to keep her from getting bored and falling in with a gang of thugs called the Seven. They deal with some hard stuff: drugs, weapons, diamond smuggling. Snow got an affinity for chemicals while riding with them, particularly poisons and explosives. While she wasn't sighted at the party, forensics found her traces all over the bomb that Cinder left. Snow isn't known to hire her skill set out, and has no previous connection to Cinder, so we're still working on who or what brought them together for this little promenade.

The best link we have right now is a man called Charming, called in by an anonymous tip.

Right now, we've got a squad heading out into the woods to raid one of the Seven's known strongholds, hoping to flush out at least one of the ladies. But there are still a lot of gaps in this little fairy tale, so I need everyone at top performance.