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Snippet: Searching for Delphi
The Dime
Lucy and Seth made their way across the desolate parking lot, asphalt broken and jagged like a glacial ice sheet. There were two abandoned cars, both curiously yellow, and thankfully absent of any of the undercity's more unsavory sprites. Small tufts of grass struggled to eke out a living in the cracks near ancient streetlights that probably wouldn't come on once the sun set. Eventually, they reached the gate of Penitence Station, inhabited by the same abandoned wind as the rest of the place.

"Not sure how easy it's going to be to get in," Seth mused allowed, pushing against the turnstile gate and shuddering at the rusty surfaces. It didn't budge, and looked as if it had taken up that demeanor some years ago.

"Maybe it just needs some convincing," Lucy said, wandering over to the coin drop. She lightly tapped it thrice, each time echoing with the sound of a quarter she hadn't put in. There was a whirring noise, a few weakly blinking lights, and the sound of an electric release. Seth found that gate was spinning now, letting him in beyond to the station's dock. "Money talks." And Lucy smiled as she tapped the machine three times for herself.

It was no little bit frustrating, Lucy and her new powers. First it had been Eve, and all the strange metromancy that she had suddenly developed. Now Lucy, disciple of $aint £ucre, making all sorts of magic with small change. Not to mention Drake and Morrimer. But Seth was still just Seth, doomed to be a mortal in this epic war being fought behind everyone's shadows. In small bouts of self-pity, he imagined that he had been sent with Lucy on this errand just to keep him out of the way while greater plans were made.

Lucy didn't seem to notice the effect it had on him, and gleefully joined him on the other side of the gates. There was a wide set of stairs leading up to the station, just as deserted and lost to the edges of time. They had been to some strange and powerful places with Eve. The Parallel Intersection. The other half of Solomon Park. Each had its own flavor of awe-inspiring. Penitence Station seemed to be a place of a sadness that couldn't be roused to remember itself.

The train was due to come by at one minute to six, but of course no clocks were working. Lucy read the station posting with Seth meandered about, looking up and down the barren tracks for any sign that the Delphi line was on its approach. On that train, which only came to a rest at Penitence station once a week, was a member of a group known as the Sophia. They weren't native to the city, not a part of the decades long battle for supremacy. And that is why Eve hoped that enlisting the help of the Sophia would tip the balance of the stalemate.
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