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Snippet: The Sad Man
Singing Agathe
He is a tall man
a sad man
a man in a blue rain coat
and he'll trade you a pebble from his pocket
for your sorrows and your sympathies

Among the Gods of the Playground
he is a minor deity at best
The kids do not hold their breath
or tap a popcan's lid before opening
in honor or in fear of him

But they know him
The tall, sad man

And they whisper his story
child to child
details shifting with each teller's own idea
of what true sorrow is

And they know to count him
among their Gods
for he goes unseen
by the adults

All the whispers
child to child
say he leans against a light-post
in the faintest
drizzle of a rain
And if you tell him what makes you sad
and if you tell him that you are sorry for what makes him sad
If you share with the tall, sad man
he will reach into his blue raincoat pocket
and give you a pebble

On the playground
a pebble of the Sad Man
can be a powerful thing indeed