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A recipe... FOR FAILURE!
The Rage

2 companies
1 bunch of analysts (competent)
4 cups all-purpose flour
1 Tsp vanilla
2 bottles whiskey

Take the first company, and separate the yolk and the white. Tell each that the other is to blame for everything that goes wrong and keeps them here late at night. Allow each to ferment in their own rage for 2.5 years.

While that fermentation is occurring, dredge your all competent analysts in the flour, and then drive most of them to leave. Once competent analysts are gone or covered in flour, begin to roll out the dough that we didn't tell you that we had to have, won't tell you how to put together, but dammit, you need it yesterday. Now, violently recombine the two halves of the company, add vanilla and shake vigorously. Allow it to rise on the promise of the awesome pie you are going to make with the dough you have (you did figure that whole dough thing out, right?)

Quickly shove the first company into the second and move to an enclosed, lightless location. Let it sit for 4 months, NO PEEKING, SPEAKING OR SETTING EXPECTATIONS! Throw away the dough. Wait until a froth appears on the new concoction, then place under the glare of an angry client-base set to 400 degrees F. Repeatedly poke and resection for 5 months.

Serve with whiskey until drunk.
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some of this sounds pretty familiar...

I think it's a traditional recipe, handed down from the old world with a little American flavor.

Also, work sucks.

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