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Necessity Leotyne and the Brass Disciples
The Dime
I seem to recall a very distinct controversy when Regent Elmina, Empress In Absentia, called on Bertholdé Hawthorne to take command of the Lunar Army of Britannia. But I cannot for the life of me remember why there was such an uproar. It couldn't have been because of the General's ethnicity, as it might have for our forefathers. We had been citizens of Luna for so long that we all took a fiendish pride in belonging to the moon than to any terrestrial nation. And for certain it wasn't that regrettable uprising in the helium mines, as by my count it was still a decade off when Bertholdé first rose to take Diana's Bow.

You'll have to forgive me my rambling. I know that there was some reason my father was beside himself in an apoplectic fit over the news, but it is escaping me. For my part, I was much more interested my dolls and other things appropriate for a boy my age. I remember tense dinners, and my father welcoming his brandy-drinking compatriots over for whispered conversations behind the closed drawing room doors. My mother would sigh and shake her weary head, and give me and my sisters a few math riddles to occupy ourselves. It lasted for months.

By my recollection, Bertha was a fine, upstanding woman, the true embodiment of a British subject on her Majesty's moon. She had proven herself a tactician, a leader and a peace-maker. She came from a respectable family, and though not landed, had wed herself into one of the Houses by the grace of her wife Prudence.

Ah yes, that was it! It was the mire of scandal that surrounded House Leotyne at the time of Bertha's advancement! The colony was quite split on the matter of Ardent Leotyne's House, and though it all happened much after Bertha and Prudence's union, it none-the-less tainted many against the good General. My father was among them, dead set against anyone who had any connection with House Leotyne, House D'Arien or that whole matter with the Brass Disciples.

My, my, my... now that is a much more interesting story. Let me see what I can remember of that affair.