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NaNoWriMo 2012 - Day 30 - COMPLETION
The Dime
Today I closed my novel, with 50,342 words written in the month of November. It was thrilling, frustrating, terrifying and exhilarating. I feel like I pushed myself to exercise muscles that are so easy to leave to atrophy. I (re)discovered a lot about how I work best as a writer, what makes me push forward and what makes me hesitate. And of course, I remembered how truly easy it is to write. It's the thinking about writing that makes it seem hard.

In that veins, I have also made 29 posts to LiveJournal in November. I think that is more than the last two years combined. This used to be a home for my musings, my record of the world, and the rich world of words. It has tapered off, hand in hand with my lack of truly committing myself to being a writer. I am happy to have found a stride again, and to remember that to this day, I look back on journals from six, seven years ago and enjoy them. I want the same to be true six, seven years from now, no matter how much my journalling style has changed over the years.

Is my novel complete? By certain definitions, yes. Is my novel any good? Meh, I would say it has some rousing moments and some things I need to work out. Is it ready for anyone else to read? Dear stars in the heavens, no! There is much editing to be done, and I have a feeling most of it will be so completely reworked as to be utterly unrecognizable. But I wrote a beautiful dream, and I cannot wait to open it up and start looking at all the pieces, eventually to reassemble them into something magnificent.

That wonderful step of analysis comes next. But for now, I will step back from the City of Hark, from Emzhadeen Ajady and Dominica Bonparre, and the mute they call only Wi-Oh. I need just a little time for the dust to settle. There are other dreams that need some attention for a little while.