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NaNoWriMo 2012 - Day 29
The Dime
No post yesterday, but there actually was substantial progress made while on my husband's laptop at craft night. This close to the end, to wrapping up a story, all I can see are the holes in the plot, the inconsistency in the setting, the bizarre choices made by characters. It was blocking me. So I tried to completely let go, and just write the words to move on.

I wrote some pretty horrible stuff, but it got me through the roadblock. And then I found myself with the end in sight, and all these wonderful little scenes to write, wrapping things up. Writing goes so much smoother when I am excited about what I am writing, and I need to find a way to always carry that joy.

The progress has continued today, and I am up to 2639 words so far. I approach the finish line, both for word count and for the story itself. I can do this. But I find my attention waning in the wake of the success, familiar traps like "I can finish up tomorrow". Tomorrow is Friday, a day I historically do not get much done. I should try to push through a few more hundred tonight as a safety net.

I WANT to win NaNo. I want to feel like I can actually accomplish creative goals. I want to conquer the paralysis I have placed on my life and be a storyteller again, instead of just a dreamer.


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