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NaNoWriMo 2012 - Day 25
The Dime
Today I have reached the 40,000 word mark! This means 80% of my story should be complete, approximately. I think that seems reasonable, as I have time for some action leading to the final resolution and a little denouement. The section I wrote today had an emotional impact on me as a writer, which I hope will translate to a reader. Funny to find that I had been carrying around the tension of the last 20,000 words of story with me, and finally having everyone reach a place to regroup felt insanely satisfying. I can breathe a little easier, and whatever happens next, I can direct it to serve the story, not just to make sure my characters stay alive.

The day is not over, and if I could wrangle out another section before bed, I will feel immensely better going into this final week. Let's conquer this, my pretties!