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NaNoWriMo 2012 - Day 24
The Dime
Let's start the morning off right, shall we? I find myself in such a better mood in the mornings than in the dark, despair of night, when deadlines creep and threaten to over take me.

2138 words this morning. Still very much behind, but if I can get in another section like this today, I will significantly increase my chances of reaching the goal, and reduce stress.

Today I ponder the difference between coincidence that strains the suspension-of-disbelieve and coincidence that makes the world feel coherent and connected. The former takes the reader out of the story, while I think the latter gives the reader a little thrill. At least, that's what I'm banking on, with the way some of my characters and plot points are crossing over. It's not coincidence after coincidence that drives the story. And I could have created a brand new character to fill in, rather that relying on serendipity. However, the reader has already made a level of commitment to knowing a large cast of characters, no matter how secondary some may seem. Allowing them to reuse that investment I think is a valuable tool.


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