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NaNoWriMo 2012 - Day 23
The Dime
Huzzah! A successful day, in which we overcome an author's hurdle, have a little fun with clearly the most enjoyable of our characters, and lay down 2964 words in an effort to get this party back on track.

I am still holding on to perfectionist tendencies, mainly around plot. I have got to let them go. This challenge is about the word count, not the perfect crystalline structure of a marketable draft. Besides, SO MUCH interesting, unplanned stuff has come out of just driving things forward that trying to corral it now is counter-productive.

I know the next two sections I want to write, although one of them is the stinger to the entire novel (that counts, right?). Knowing what is to come next is a huge motivator, and who knows? Maybe there will be more writing later today. Onward and upward.