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NaNoWriMo 2012 - Day 10 - part 2
The Dime
Adding another 1021 words to today's count. My lovely husband is supporting me in this endeavor, and even though we are having an anniversary weekend at home, he is offering me chances to continue on this project.

I have forgone the pattern I had in place up to this point, as far as the subject of the third-party narrator for each section. It was person A story A, person B story A, then a person from story B. Now, the narration demanded a little time from person C story A, and I like the chance to explore some characterization for her. Just made my world a little richer. Next, I think we will go back to story B, and then who knows?

Introducing a pattern, and then breaking it apart. It's a delicious idea to play with once the re-editing begins. I like the idea of the story structure driving the reader to a sense of everything coming apart.