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NaNoWriMo 2012 - Day 10
The Dime
Holy HELL!

Okay, first, 1633 words this morning. I hope to take another stab this evening to make up for yesterday, but as I have told some of my NaNo buddies, I think focusing on a daily total rather than 'catching up' might keep the sanity in place. So I feel good about this total.

Second, between three of us, we have written almost 40,000 words in a week and a half. We are the awesomez.

Third, I started the morning by rereading everything so far, and it's a good read. It's not a good novel, from a perspective of time flow, over-arcing story points, length, etc. But it's a fun read in the moment. That is promising.

And finally - just discovered a plot twist that literally had me gasping aloud. It doesn't make exact sense with what as been put to 'paper' so far, but story-wise, it is just perfect. So amazing to have those moments when things that seemed like incongruent pieces suddenly click together. I started this project not knowing where it would lead, and now I have some awesome lines of intrigue. I have no doubt that the novel will probably need a complete re-write once the dust has settled, but man, will I have an awesome story.