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NaNoWriMo 2012 - Day 7
The Dime
I am finding a very comfortable cadence to when sections of my story come to a close, and it feels natural to end my writing for a day at such a point. That is why today's 1044 word count is far from desired, but does not feel like a shortcoming. In fact, what I produced today came much easier than days past. Maybe it was something in the particular scene I was trying to complete, or maybe I was in the right place for the muse to find me.

To talk logistics for a moment, I am going to have to step up the pace tomorrow. This upcoming weekend is our one-year anniversary as a married couple, and I am not sure what we are planning, but it is very possible that I will be unable to write. If that is the case, I would like to try to get a little ahead as a cushion. I am just a wee bit behind at the moment, as after day 7 the word count should be around 11290. I'm at 11132, which is pretty damn good.

The first day I go without writing, I will fall into a panic, and think about giving up. This must not happen!