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NaNoWriMo 2012 - Day 4
The Dime
1753 words today. It was a very slow start, partially because of the lag that Firefox seems to be building when I am typing in Google Docs. Perhaps I should find another method of continuing the novel. Or maybe my system just needs a reboot to flush out its system.

I am back in a part that I like, and I can see where I am going in the immediate. However, my goal was going to try to integrate two different story lines - one about a group of scavengers who get pulled into a mob war, and the other about spies and saboteurs trying to draw out a political enemy. However, so far the first story line is progressing slowly, from a time frame perspective - we are still in the evening of day one, which the next sections being later than night, and then noon the next day. The conflict is with the second storyline, which cannot have that speed. Days or weeks need to go by. So I struggle with understanding the next piece of the second story, considering how much I am still dragging along the first.

Part of my brain tells me that this is why I need to have more of a plan before I start. I silence that part of my brain by asking it how much writing it's gotten done prior to this. Then I get to have myself a cookie.

Write on, darlings!

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I am so jealous of your wordcount.

I have the selfish freedom of not being a parent yet. Anything you write while you have a youngin' counts for double.

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