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Out of sorts and stillness
The Dime
In January I started rehearsals with Walking Shadow for An Ideal Husband.

Two weeks later, inspired by what seems a good house in the perfect neighborhood, we decided to scramble to put our house on the market, which has been a flurry of cleaning, organizing, painting, and all the little things we have meant to get done over the past four years.

On January 19th, my maternal grandmother passed away. Her funernal was set for Saturday, January 28th.

On January 27th, my paternal great-aunt passed away. She wanted no funeral or reviewal, so we gathered to toast her on January 29th.

I spent the weekend greiving. And even though that process involved a lot of gathering with my lovely relatives, and remembering good times, and laughter, it was still greiving. I am tired. It has been a horrible year, to lose three family members. But I have to buck up, get to rehearsal, get those walls painted and the room straightened, and keep moving forward.

So I'm out of sorts and out of contact and just exhausted lately. This isn't even the recovery period. I will crash someday soon.

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*hugs* Sorry to hear it. That's an intense month. Take care of yourself.

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