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Musings on a Marriage: Up Until the Moment
Muted Real
I proposed to my boyfriend on Christmas of 2009. And yet we were working on wedding details up until nearly the last moment. Procrastinator says what?

The past month or so felt like a constant task to get things ready. Even when I had a few moments of stillness, I was going over lists and reminders and details constantly. So it was a pleasant surprise that we had pretty much everything taken care of come Thursday, when we headed off to an informal gathering of our families at a local Italian join in north Minneapolis.

There were about 20 of us, from both sides of our families and including some very dear friends. The atmosphere was low-key, the wine was plentiful, the food was delicious, and our parents' surprised us by splitting the entire bill between them. Most awesome of them. The younger crowd then headed out to Tony Jaros' in Northeast for a few drinks. My father surprised us all by swinging by for a drink as well, a most welcome addition. I kept the drinking to a minimum - no need to repeat my bachelor party, right? - but the Three Amigos (my brother The Nomad and my two cousins) kept the night going off in a different direction. Or so the legend goes.

Friday morning was surprisingly sedate. We slept well, took our time getting packed, dropped the dogs off at my soon-to-be-in-laws, and checked into our hotel suite around noon. We rested, we had lunch, we showered. The Big Moment was looming, but we weren't really anxious about it until 3, when people were supposed to start gathering. Then the first of the evening's 'groom-in-a-panic' moments started, worrying that no one would be ready when we had to be on the executive bus by 4. Thankfully, things came together with the minor exception of one cranky flower girl.

The bus first took us to the Varsity Theater, where we dropped off our card box, guest book and a few framed photos for display (each of our parents' wedding pictures as well as one of us). Seeing our names on the marquee was a squee worthy moment indeed, and I have Facebook rumors that some old high school friends noticed when they were in the neighborhood.

It turns out that we didn't need the guest book, because that crazy man of mine had booked a Traveling Photo Booth at the last minute as a surprise for me. Damn him and his wonderfulness!

We packed up the bus again, this time heading to the Weismann, where we had some photos on the Washington bridge with sunset-lit downtown Minneapolis in the background, as well as some right in front of all the craziness that is the Weismann itself. Then pictures inside with family, amidst the art.

Then the waiting...
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The photo booth was such a great idea!

Nice setup, man. Now I want more!

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