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Musings on a Marriage
Muted Real
Hey, y'all! I got me a HUSBAND!

We were married on November 11th, 2011 (yep, 11-11-11), at the Weismann Art Museum in the Riverview Gallery, at about 7pm. Our best friend and mother to our goddaughters Katie was the officiant in a ceremony we mostly created from scratch. My brother was my best man, and my boy's other best friend was his best matron. Our goddaughters were our flower girls, although only one walked the aisle, the other being to busy as a cranky two-year-old to fulfill her tasks. Over 170 people can to the ceremony, and then followed us to the Varsity Theater for our reception and dance, which went until 1am.

It was an intense, emotional, exhausting, thrilling and downright memorable experience. Pictures are flooding into the faceplace (Facebook), and I find that a better medium for photo-sharing than LJ, quite honestly. However, I do want to chronicle certain aspects of the event, if only for my future self to look back upon and sigh lovingly in remembrance. So look forward to multi-part recaps in the next few days, tastefully kept short by lj cuts.

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Congrats! I've been enjoying following your posts on the wedding plans, and its very exciting to hear that it has happened. I look forward to the recaps. :)

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