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Here stands an unmarried man
Muted Real
Tonight may very well be my last night alone as an unmarried man, and even then it will only last another hour or so. After work tomorrow will be a flurry of activity, and we probably will not be far from each other's side as soon as he is off of work. Thursday will be a hectic scramble to ensure everything is in place. Friday we will not part - we have worked side-by-side in this endeavor, there is little that we have kept secret and it is not an event for surprises.

People tell me not to sweat the details, that everything will work itself out. It doesn't stop me from worrying that the appetizers will be cold or the transportation will be late or we have worked some horrific unforeseen faux pas into the schedule. "8:30, sacrifice babies, 9:00, serve lemon tartlets... really? Citrus in autumn? How gauche!" I know in my heart that the chance to declare my love so openly is the most important thing. But as always, my head will not settle down and rest.

Perhaps something divine will descend during the ceremony and we will be awash in the miracle of joining. Perhaps the universe will just silently wink at me and let me know we did alright. Both are perfectly acceptable, and both honestly mean the same thing. That this single man on a Tuesday will be a married man next Tuesday, and not much else will change in the beautiful life we've built together. I'm comfortable with that.

So I think I let the details worry me because the Moment doesn't. Because there's a delicate, invisible part in this for me, but a larger and more immediate part in this for you. And life is not often measured in such milestones like this - it is a gradual walk of constant and subtle change. So when given the chance to celebrate it, make it worth all the missed moments you were too happy to notice were happening.

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(Deleted comment)
Everyone has been so gracious to offer their help and advice every step of the way, I feel bad that I haven't taken anyone up on it. It's hard for me to ask for help, but know that the offers mean the world to me!

I apologize that I won't be able to show, but your words are so beautiful right now. I'm really excited for you guys and wish I could make it!

And if anyone complains about citrus in autumn, keep an extra lemon around so that you can squirt some sour into their eyes. Or maybe keep a dash of placenta handy to smear onto their nice outfit. It's your wedding, not theirs. :)

It would be wonderful to have you with us, but I know you'll be there in spirit.

I think you'll find that, in the moment, the miracle of joining, as you put it, will be the only thing that matters. It will astonish you, as it did me, how perfectly, absolutely joyful you can feel when you pledge your love forever while surrounded by the glowing warmth of the your friends and family. And afterward, there'll be a great party.

If the appetizers are cold, we'll still eat them. It's a design choice. ;)

If the appetizers are cold, we'll still eat them. It's a design choice.

HA! Love it! What, you've never heard of ice-wings?

Wat a very exciting time for you. It will flash by super quickly but take time to be in the moment together. The details, although fun to fuss about, won't matter in the end. Very happy for you! Hope everything goes just as you both have imagined.

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