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One month, many decisions
Muted Real
Okay, the comments on my last post convinced me that Winters is an acceptable last name choice and doesn't sound too pretentious. Thus, in spirit on November 11th, 2011, we will likely be hyphenating each of our last names with -Winters as a symbol of the creation of our family. Legally, however, I think we will hold off for a little while, considering the administrative, monetary and judiciary hurdles that we would have to go through.

I've also come to better terms with the fact that our dance should be a free-for-all-celebration for everyone, not my own personal showcase of eccentric dance numbers. Thus I've decided that I will provide 5 songs that must be played, and leave the rest up to the whims of the DJ and the crowd.

Raspberry Swirl, by Tori Amos
Cobrastyle, covered by Robyn
The Time Warp, from the Rocky Horror Picture Show
Push It, by Salt-N-Peppa
As yet to be determined fifth song

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Oh hey, now that I'm vaguely in the neighborhood, I'd love to get more details and perhaps even get my arse down there for the big day!

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