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Politics at the dinner table
Muted Real
My grandmother always asks, for her birthday dinner, that no one talks about religion or politics. Depending on how much wine my parents have had, that can be... challenging. And I love them for it, mostly because I agree so much with them.

So let's move from the dinner table to the wedding reception. As many know, I am getting gay married in November. And as many also know, same-sex marriage is illegal in the state of Minnesota, and there is currently a battle to try to make it unconstitutional to boot. Additionally, same-sex marriages performed in states where it is legal (like our neighbor Iowa) are not recognized here.

The meat of the matter? We get asked a LOT why we aren't running off to Iowa, or Canada, or New York. And our answer is pretty much "we want to live here, so what good is a legal marriage over there when we are over here". And then there's occasionally some educating that has to happen, which has never been an unpleasant experience.

I eloquently put it on our website that we would rather celebrate with our friends and family here where it is important, and focus more on making it legal in the state we call home. But then I pondered, what exactly am I doing in that struggle? And then I wondered what about this struggle needs to have a place at the wedding and/or the reception, and what of this struggle needs to be checked at the door, cause this be a PARTAY, BITCHES!

Any thoughts? Mine range all over the place. Maybe we have a stock letter against the constitutional amendment that people can take for themselves or their neighbors. Maybe we make an event of signing the Minneapolis domestic partner registry paperwork at the end of the ceremony. Maybe we acknowledge that we hope everyone who has come to support us will continue to do so by voting no against the amendment. Maybe we do nothing at all, and instead let the event speak for itself.


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