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The Question
I have a great many friends who throw parties, host tea gatherings, run games, generally spark good social events. I am fortunate to be invited to a great many of these, although my hermit-like nature means I send my regrets for most. Still, it should be known that these invites are appreciated, and on a grander scale, I greatly admire these people as those who make Excuses for Awesome People to Hang Out.

The Boy and I throw an occasional party. Sometimes for one of our birthdays. We've had a few years of throwing a Halloween party and sometimes for New Year's as well. Our wedding reception is going to be a big ol' bash. Still, I sometimes ponder hosting my own Excuse, detailed more specifically. The move to spring-time weather reinforces these daydreams. Just some musings:

1. A writer's salon. I would host any and all looking for a place to write, but I would also schedule a few writing games for those interested. Exquisite Corpse. Cover-up. Things meant to inspire us to write, even if it leads nowhere else. A time to share the fruits of the exercise, if one so chooses. A nice Saturday afternoon in the summer.

2. A Changeling game. I tried to start this my Senior year of college, and let's face it, I chickened out. It's damn intimidating. Still, the ideas are still in my head, and I think that with the right mix of people, it might work. Scheduling something ongoing is always troublesome, though.

3. An old school picnic. Something less barbecue, beer and chips, and more like out of a pastoral scene. Granted I'm not sure what that entails exactly, but I bet there's wine and conversation and it's further off the beaten path then most standard picnic sites. This is a little esoteric, though, so is more of a pipe dream than either of the others.

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I still think on Scimitar June fondly. We shall see what I manage to follow through with. I hope it's a lot, this time.

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