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Miscellaneous Wedding Notes
Muted Real
While we've had the reception site booked for almost a year now, we still have yet to find an appropriate ceremony site. The Boy has been pushing for a black-box type theater experience, and while I do love the theater, I cannot deny my Pagan longings for something tied to the outdoors. Problem is, November is VERY iffy for an outdoor MN wedding. The best compromise would have been the Sunken Garden at the Como Conservatory, but that in no way will fit the number of people who will be attending. So we are trying to find a place connected to the arts, but with at least a tentative connection to the outside world - heck, even some big windows to see outside.

The latest attempt was for something at the CTC, because I seem to recall windows in the smaller theater, and there's the benefit of free parking with the MIA. However, it's a no go, as they have no space available on 11/11/11. So it's now back to the drawing border, and let me tell you that this is DIFFICULT. Mainly because so many places that aren't churches want to be ceremony AND reception.

In other news, my mother has asked me to write a letter to my grandparents (her parents) explaining to them the whole... well, marrying another dude part of this thing, prior to them getting an invitation. While brain-wise, that sure does make sense, it's gonna be a hard letter to write. "You know that guy you met briefly 8 years ago outside the Macalester theater? Surprise! He's been my homosexual love partner this whole time! Guess we don't talk much, do we?" It's in sharp contrast to my paternal grandparents, where my Baba insists that my Boy sit next to her at family dinners.

That's all for now. Just trying to keep fingers typing.

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Aaaahhh! Fun times, writing the extended family. Hopefully none of them blame it on Teh Librul Media, like I got recently from a distant relative. *eyeroll*

If my grandma blames anyone, it will probably be my Liberal Parents. Which isn't to say she'll blame anyone at all; she might brush it off, might ignore it, might be completely fine with it. I just don't know.

You might try the atrium/conservatory at the Walker Sculpture Garden. I know they rent it out for wedding ceremonies without a reception requirement, but I don't know the capacity or anything.

Also, not to say "be just like us!" but you could try the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. They've got some nice indoor spaces. Though it IS in Chaska.

Oh look! I found you a page about the conservatory. Because I? Am a planner.

Thank you, Miss Plannerly Plan!

It does look like a fabulous place, but it suffers the same issue as the Sunken Garden - just not enough space for the number of people invited... (Andy's parents are both one of at least eight siblings).

Chaska is a bit far, as we were hoping to minimize the ceremony-to-reception travel, but at this point we may have to expand our options.

My brother and his wife went with the Arboretum. Very nice place!

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