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Setting a stage
Staring Forward
Ix the Accordant, who is both Immanence and Eminence, so named its right hand Lessity and its left hand Want, and they fashioned a palace which was called Accordia.

And in these resplendent and abounding halls came to dwell 1,001 of the Otherkin – those of many names and many tales, whom humankind praises and entreats and scorns and curses. Accordia afforded a sanctuary for some, a momentary respite for others, and for a rare few, a prison cell. As time passed, there were those of the Otherkin who made their ways back through the three times three times three Gates of Accordia, back into the worlds and the stories of mortals. Yet new guests would always arrive to take their place. And so the inhabitants always numbered at 1,001, and always shall.

Who's tale shall be told first?

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Is it a rhetorical question, or are you taking requests?

More than happy to take requests, but I didn't assume that I would get any, so it also serves as a goad for me. Trying to get back on the writing habit.

Hee! I try to encourage writing habits when possible.

I seem to recall that there was a young child in Accordia some years back, with the long black hair, who never quite realized how unseelie she was. Do you know what became of her?

There have been many raven-haired maids in Accordia's halls (as well as a few raven-headed maids). But perhaps you refer to Jenny Redtooth?

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