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Snow Karma
Singing Agathe
I'm not an outgoing individual in the least. I take a long time to warm up to people, and that's probably very easy to forget if we've reached that point of comfort in our relationship. I know I can be loud, brash, insistent, over-the-top and downright exhausting, but that's really only after many meetings of timidity and meekness.

One of the downfalls of this is that I don't really know my neighbors. Granted, in Today's Modern Urban Setting, one isn't really encouraged to do so. Still, it has been something I've regretted from time to time, and no more so than last night and today, in the clutches of Tsnow-nami Clarice and her aftermath.

The Boy's car got stuck in the alley trying to get home, and then again while trying to get back onto a relatively plowed road. Random people in each instance pitched in to help. When I needed to get my car to the other side of the street, four of our neighbors helped shovel and push me into a spot. Both the Boy and I were left speechless at the generosity of people we don't know, but have lived by for 4 years.

I tried to ease the karmic cycle this morning when I was out to get to my side gig. Cars where stuck up and down our street. People with shovels were moving from car to car, pushing and guiding and clearing the snow without having to be asked. Bands of roving neighbors, people who didn't even know each others names, determined to get everyone out of the situation that the snow (and partly MnDOT) had left us in.

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awww, that's fantastic!

So incredibly grateful. This really could have been a much bigger nightmare, but I think we've all weathered it pretty well.

It's days like these that make me proud to live here.

That was our first thought too! :D

People from elsewhere who complain about the weather just don't seem to get it. This is what makes us who we are.

I think we got the tail-end of that storm. By the time it got here it was normal by Columbus standards, but weak and wimpy by MN standards.

Sometimes I forget things like this, and other times I'm shocked by the inability of Columbus-ites to weather a little tiny storm. It's trange how one's relationship to weather can change over time, and interesting to note how much 1 year in MN still affects my definition of "snow", "cold", and similar concepts.

It's different for everyone. My brother's girlfriend moved out to CA two years ago to be with him, and within a year had lost all traces of an MN concept of 'winter'.

That is interesting.

Probably in my case the concept of an MN winter has been reinforced by my parents' move to Edmonton, Alberta. They have a saying there, I'm told, "There is no bad weather, only inadequate gear." It gets cold enough there sometimes that they need "gear" rather than "clothes". As in, -40 days (the same in C and F!) are not common up there, but they seem to happen a few times every year.

So my MN layering-ability has been handy in years when the family gathers in Edmonton for our very English but totally non-religious Christmas traditions.

This was our experience, as well. It started with the two neighbors we do know and ended with 7 different people helping us out (very Bridge on the River Kwai, only with swearing and shoveling instead of whistling). And not just us--like you say, everyone was pitching in for everyone, even people we didn't really know. The warm fuzzies were pretty overwhelming.

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