The Alphabet Witch (wilowisp) wrote,
The Alphabet Witch

I gots troubles

Oh yes, I do
I gots troubles 'n troubles,
let me tell you

Things are not well with my car. After fitfully alerting me that it wanted attention (by blowing the front passenger-tire while I was driving down 394), I sought to placate it. I got a new tire the same day, and had the others rotated. I got a fresh oil change not two days later, and have kept the gas tank above 1/4. Despite this, I have an engine light coming on intermittently, a squeaky belt, slow-to-start power steering, lazy A/C and heat, a trembling steering wheel, a trembling engine, a strange clunk on the first two uses of the breaks, and something flapping underneath when I drive 30 - 50 mph.

Probably paranoia, I know, but I listen to these creaks and groans and assume that I'll end up on the side of a major freeway again, trying desperately to pretend at being an adult. So I've stopped taking the freeway to work, and don't really like the idea of traveling very far. I know I should take the car in for a tune-up to ease at least some of my worries. (Who has the time? Who has the money?)

I just never feel like I have very much luck with my automobiles.
Tags: bitch, car, poor, time's passage
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