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Things promised
Singing Agathe
I'm feeling very disconnected from the important things in my life. Things have fallen through the cracks. Such things include dreams, promises, and the best laid plans of mice and men.

If I owe you something, come calling to collect. If I offered you something, press me for it. If in passing I mentioned a whimsical project, demand some progress. I've probably lost sight of it in my foggy, slow retreat from the human world.

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You promised me a sequel to continue the Battlequeen saga once upon a time.:)

BattleQueen 2020 2!

It has been two years since we travelled across the iceplains to our new homeland. In that time, I have gone through all of pubery, learned what make-up is, and apparently did such awesome things that the people named me queen.

Battle queen, to be precise.

Battle queen 2020, to be more precise.

I still remember Gayle from all those years ago (two). She taught me so much about sacrifice, and snowmobiles, and how to get warm from hypo-thermia. Even now, I feel like any second I'll hear her call out "I'll be right there" and it comforts me.

I never did tell you what happened to her, did I? I'll do that right now.

It all began in the underground...

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