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Your dreams are recorded for quality assurance
CON again, but the players weren't quite right. For the final night, we gathered in the room of my ex-manager, and it was strange that he had a room to himself. Yer was there, and apparently FSA meant interior decorator. We changed the floor to desert sand, so it would be a more dramatic change once she redid the room.

Then we all gave up and drove away, ten of us in a station wagon. We all agreed it was sad that even two days this year was too much for us. I was confused about how CON had come and gone again so quickly. As leighblack drove us off the premises, we had to stop at a set of doors, that opened to a pair of curtains, that parted to reveal a shuttle airlock, which opened to show a set of venetian blinds, and so on. Very Looney Tunes. It was expected, but very annoying.

We then showed up at wherever it was we were going, and it became a cross between post-CON meet-up and an old 30 Mac late night discussion. desultorif was there, and insisted on taking a shower before someone's dad drove him home. valrus was going through a phase where he talked like Peacey P from Homestarrunner. (Y'all biscuitheads!) And then the talk turned to all the places we lived during college.

I named four, but could swear there had been five. Images of the potential fifth residence shuffled through my brain. I knew these places, if only briefly, but why could I not figure them into my college timeline? It must have been a summer only, or a house-sitting situation. I struggled to remember which everyone ate greasy chips and other snacks from a table too small for the number of us.

Upon waking, I can sort it out a little better. There was no fifth domicile. But there have been dreams of such before, places at Mac that don't even exist, brief times when I have lived alone (which I have never truly done in my entire life). I am quite familiar with the dream-logic trick of creating a new memory - inserting something in the dream and telling yourself it's always been in the back of your head. But this was different. My dream was actually remembering other dreams. I feel like dreaming just got a little more complicated.

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Awesome. I have that thing going on too, sometimes with dreams of houses, but particularly with dreams of space. Usually by this time, every time I dream I'm going to space, I realize it's a "simulation" partway through the dream, and remind myself, "Oh yeah, I remember now. I've only been to space for real just the once."

I have yet to figure out when that "once" actually happened, but my subconscious is absolutely convinced that I've been there.

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