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reCONnaissance: the extras
The Dime
What's this? You say there's more to CON than talking panels and boozing it up with the nerds?

While I feel like I got more out of CON this year because I really took advantage of the panels, there is this niggling feeling that there's still even MORE ways I could enjoy my nerdly weekend. I did traverse the art show this year, and enjoyed the mix of beautiful, geeky and wtf-ery. And the Voltaire performance was very much worth it. But I feel the need to explore even more next year.

Movies could be fun. Even though they are all easily accessible from my own home, it would be a nice pause in the day to just sit in the dark and enjoy a classic. leighblack and I halfheartedly talked about going to see Se7en at 2am, but we knew there was no way that was really gonna happen.

The Quantum Sandbox has more hands-on activities and a more interactive atmosphere. And the Steam Century mystery game was awfully tempting.

But it all comes down to time and energy, which I find is in shorter supply than my initial enthusiasm has me believe. So maybe it's about better planning next year, and being more willing to take chances in places where maybe I don't have my social safety net surrounding me.

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We should totally have a movie night and watch Se7en. I haven't seen it in ages!

That's a definite doability - sometime in August?

Or you could expand your social safety net. F'rinstance, leorathesane and I almost always do the Steam Century game at least one day and would be happy to at least get to the opening with you, perhaps even join forces with you for the clue-gathering.

That would be most appreciated, if you'll have me. Of course, this is almost a year away at this point.

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