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reCONnaissance: costumes and parties
The Dime
I love me some costumin'

Each night we were in costume, spending 2-3 hours prepping. Particularly on Friday night (the group costume night), our room was the central locale for prep, finishing touches, a little pre-boozing. I loved the excitement; it was akin to the dressing room before a first performance, with the bubbling energy of seeing things come together for the first time. Sure, it might have gotten a little crowded at times, and some resources were limited (like the bathroom, outlets, people with skills at make-up or hair), but it's nothing that I'd change.

Thursday night was goth night, in honor of Voltaire. It was pretty much closing my eyes and fishing around in a certain corner of my closet. Not all cabana rooms were set up yet, so the parties weren't necessarily rocking, but that was okay as the Voltaire show was the main event in our minds.

Friday night was our SteamPunk Circus! I managed to convince the boy to come all the way out to the Sheraton to fix up my hair rul gud. Everyone looked fantastic, and as a group of twelve we were pretty damn impressive. I dressed as the clown, and while maybe the concept wasn't immediately apparent, it was still a dramatic costume. This was the big party night for us as well, with all cabana rooms in full swing, and lots of inebriated comments by yours truly (no tears though, sorry ladies!).

The downside to Friday night prep was that EVERYTHING was at 7pm on Friday - poetry slam, Steampunk writing panel, writer's reception, presidential debates. There was a lot of Mac involved in those, and I really wanted to be in attendance to support, but it just wasn't in the cards this year. My apologies to those involved in such events.

Saturday night was a freeform, and I cobbled together a black-and-red outfit that was comfortable and made me feel pretty. But though the parties were back in full force, we were not. I personally had some biological wackiness going on throughout the day and it hampered my drinking and devil-may-care attitude. In the end, we decided to retire early, and vowed that next year, Thursday night would be the low-key - three nights is just too much.

I have other thoughts on the party atmosphere, but they spiral down into much deeper discussions of ego, self-esteem, introversion and other such nonsense. I have no plans to weigh down this post with that.