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reCONnaissance: panels
The Dime
Trying to just lightly touch through some of my CON highlights, because I'm still too tired to cobble together a cohesive post about my experiences.

Overall, I took much fuller advantage of the panels this year - I believe I was in attendance for about seven of them. There were some that were both fantastic and informative("I Love My Archetypes". Dana Baird, please let me carry your babies), while others ranged from interesting to treading old ground, to out-and-out fan-wankage. I appreciated the panelists that brought references, shared the table, discussed in a professional manner, and above all else CONTROLLED THEIR AUDIENCE. An hour of awkward comments from people who think they deserved the panel's respect and awe was not my cup of tea.

Speaking of which, I think it would be fun to be on a panel someday. I'm a big communicator, and naturally I have a lot to say. I also enjoy building off the ideas and questions of others around me. However, I feel like I would have to 'Know my Shit' to justify me being up there, and that's a nebulous clause that would probably prevent me from ever getting up the guts.

So instead I will continue to take advantage of the panels provided on a number of topics. Writing was the most prominent, and like carleton97, they all left me with an itch to write. There were a handful that weren't about writing, though, and they help me feel like I made the most of this aspect of CON.

There was one panel I regretted not getting to: Sci Fi Made Me Gay. I think that might sit better in a CON: gay posting, though. If I can keep up the momentum of these reCONs.
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Y'know, if technology permitted, I think Dana'd go for that!

What a delightful twist! A gay man carrying children for a woman.

Wow - thanks.
I think we might have a story concept here (the new "gay-allmother" archetype?)

Oh, um... Hi!

Subverting gendered archetypes? I'm in!

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