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reCONnaissance: prologue
Sluagh Rock
Much to the good and much to the win, CON was an enjoyable (but exhausting) couple of days. As an extreme introvert who's good at playing the extrovert, I find my batteries drained. I'm overjoyed to be home again with my man and my dogs, my bed and my house full of familiar creaks and corners. I would like to report on the good, the bad and the ugly - I'm looking at you, soviet bikini girl - but find myself just too overwhelmed at this point to really think clearly.

So I will just send a shout out of thanks to leighblack, carleton97, sister_wolf and seimaisin for putting up with me in the room. It was a blast, ladies. Also shout outs to the many others I saw at CON, such as taylorea, duckduck, discoflamingo, gunn, and drowdancer.

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