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CON report: I won't be naked!
Sluagh Rock
I've made a lot of good progress tonight, but still so much to do!

Goth night

Figure out top and accessories
Figure out footwear
Plan make-up (can improvise on Thursday)
Plan hair (Medusa tails?)

SteamPunk Circus

Sew in waistband (pinned and ready for Panic Wednesday!)
Hem and cuff pant legs (roughly pinned and ready for Panic Wednesday!)
Plan out hair with the Boy (in case he cannot assist that evening)


Sew and cut black panels into shirt, the big experiment (pinned and ready for Panic Wednesday!)
Plan make-up (color-scheme decided, can improvise on Saturday)
Plan hair

Buy the group supplies assigned to me
Pack up my bags

Actually doesn't seem that bad. And heck, if most of this doesn't get done, well at least I won't be naked!

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my 'packing' so far has consisted of tossing things in the direction of my duffel bag. but most of my costuming stuff is done!

Best CON report heading ever.

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