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I'll be brilliant tomorrow, I promise!
Been delaying updating here, because being on FB has altered how I feel about LJ. This now feels more like the place for lengthier thoughts - for prose and poetry and deep thinking about the State of Me. Which results in big old perfectionist's procrastination.

Anyways, CON is quickly approaching, and while I've had my group costume conceptualized for over half a year, progress is pretty much nonexistent. I finally found a fabric that I think will work for the pants (the focal point of the whole concept), but had to order it online, and who knows when it'll arrive? So that is stressful.

Most goals for May fell through the cracks, but one has found new fire in June, and strangely feels tied to CON as well. I'd like to get my third draft of Diego all wrapped up in the next week or so, and then with great trepidation, see if lyda222 will take pity on a former student and give it a once over for me.

Ah me, back to work I must go. At least leighblack continues to provide sanity-support, even if it makes everyone look at us funny.

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not everyone looks at us funny. Sipsy and Tipsy and Lush sure wouldn't!

I don't know... I'm starting to get the feeling Sipsy might. But yes, Tipsy and Lush would just laugh along.

Second-to-last paragraph, first sentence--more details.

I think my Diego story feels tied to CON because I wanted a first draft done last year before CON. There was a chance I would see lyda222 there, and I didn't want to have to say "um, no, I haven't worked on that piece in months cause I'm lazy". This year, I want to feel accomplished, even if she's not there or if she wants nothing to do with my story.

Ah. All makes sense now--and that's pretty cool.

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