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'Tis most angsty, indeed!
Today I am feeling decidedly un-innocent. I am a cynical, unpleasant, angry and tired individual who is so far removed from the blush of spring as to make it an alien thing. Used goods and spent embers, might as well roll my autumn carcass over into the grave and let the new generations march across it.

Ok, maybe it's not all that depressing or severe. I just miss my innocence today. I miss feeling young and new, as if discovering everything for the first time. Lately I'm the type of grump to shake my head at such n00b-ness - much in the fashion I am sure those older than me are right now shaking their heads over my perception of my 'lost youth'. Most of the time I'm comfortable with where I am on this path, but it seems today is a day for wistful remembrance.

Just feeling old. Not necessarily in years, but in life.

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Was it the link I showed you this morning that destroyed your innocence?

I don't think it's any one thing that destroyed my innocence, and it certainly wasn't a recent thing. However, there was one tweet from you yesterday that made me remember that mine is long gone.

If anything, that pic this morning did take me back to college, when similar items of a 'relious nature' where the hot topic of mockery.

I can't possibly imagine which tweet it is that you're referring to...

Sadly, the subject of said tweet decidedly did not live up to the anticipation. =(

I should probably get back to work or something...

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