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Character Bank - D&D
Sluagh Rock
A few notes aloud on the type of D&D characters I'd like to play someday (3/3.5 system).

1. A straight up quartermaster character. I already do it out of character, and it satisfies my need to place order onto chaos, so why not develop it into an actual character? Granted, a lot more would have to go into creation to make this actually interesting, but I like it as a first building block.

2. A sorcerer. I have avoided this class like the plague because I want to play it so badly. For some reason I give myself character challenges, basically trying to avoid Mary Sue-ing my characters. But someday I'd like to give into temptation.

3. A non-human and non-elven character. I think the other races definitely deserve more exploration than they usually get. Granted, right now I play a devil-blooded tiefling, but my base is still human.

3a. A little more specific - a dust-genasi gnomish female rogue/assassin. I like the morbid combination of a dust-genasi with an assassin role, but love the counterpoint of having a gnome take that role, and a female no less. Gnomes, in my mind, tend to be portrayed as glitzy and jovial.

4. A non-leader position. While I greatly appreciate that others tend to look for me for guidance (unsure whether that's me as a player or the characters I tend to create), I'd love to be able to play the one that does random things or doesn't have to justify the plan all the time.

5. Scimitar June again, someday. Might even be better to rebuild him from scratch, since I'm a little more D&D savvy now.

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I finally made myself play a character with a low intelligence so I'd stop trying to be the tactical planner. Vvar might have been my first gender-bending character, too. Good old Vvar.

I like the idea of the quartermaster. It's like Paranoia's Equipment Guy.

A bag of holding would be a must. Not sure what class is predisposed to this. Of course in 3e the fighters needed a golfbag full of weapons to be competitive with damage resistance, so they might tend that way. Rogues also had to deal with the DR and they could Use Item wands (the spellcaster's golfbag).

I wonder if you could get a ptestige class out of it.

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