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New goal in life: to be as awesome as Jane Espenson. She's been a writer/producer/showrunner for DS9, Buffy, Angel, Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse, Warehouse 13, and Caprica. I want to have her mind-babies. I want to be a part of her worlds, or at least emmulate her awesome-itude to the point of having my own incredible worlds orbiting me.

And sweet jesus, what worlds! I enjoy Caprica to a ridiculous extent as a show, because it does what I think sci-fi should always do at its best - it's a relatable drama that uses unfamiliar 'sci-fi-ish' elements to explore the things we do find familiar. But beyond that, the culture they have created as a writing team. The show is supplemented by The Caprican and the twitter of Serge Graystone. While these two resources don't advance the plot, they reveal that the writers have created a world. The stories arise from the tapestry, the tapestry is not woven to tell the story, and that's another facet of storytelling that I completely agree with.

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When you become the next Jane Espenson (which you can do!), please do better DVD commentaries than her. I love her to bits, but boy howdy are her commentaries snooze-worthy.

The only commentaries of her that I ever experienced were the ones for the Face of the Enemy webisodes before the final eps of BSG. Now that you mention it, it was a little dry...

I can advise on this. You know I'm good for hijinx.

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